Honda CB Twister vs Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS

Published: 20th March 2011
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When people demand that extra mile from every product they choose to buy, obviously, the manufacturer will upgrade and provide more innovative products so as to reap huge profits and also hold a considerable share in the auto market. Bajaj is a very aggressive, market trend setter with its highly successful tw0-wheeler portfolio right from the durable scooters till the fastest Indian tagged Pulsar 220 bikes. Honda, the Japanese giant which started selling its product from the beginning of this century has been very careful and quite successful with its reliable two wheelers. Now, it has been a long time since both the companies pitched products straight against each other. But, here we are pulling thier 2 wheeler for a head-on collision based on the 55 + price tag that Pulsar 135 LS and CB Twister bears on them. Ready for an interesting comparison? Lets vroom!

Honda CB twister, have more reasons to be called as a game setter in the styling aspects of a 100 + cc engine capacity bikes. Yes, with the design cues derived from the MT01, Honda has given an attractive shape to CB Twister. The screenless front cowl and the angular tank shrouds are the major eye turning factors. The speedometer of the Twister contains no digital elements, but has a clear tell tale lamps and large speedometer with odometer inside. The left arm of the CB Twister contains the buttons, which is a straight pull from Stunner bike, the ease of use is excellent and Hondaís quality here is to be appreciated. Pass light could have been present, but CB Twister doesnít have one. Below the tank, the all black engine matches with the gear shifter and the rear brake lever. On the other hand, Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS is having many styling aspects that definitely differentiates it with other Pulsar bikes. The ultramodern headlight looks predatory and is the next style statement for Pulsar brands. The pointy edged indicators and the redesigned rear view mirrors are attractive too. The Bajajís typical state of the art, handlebar weights and all black front brake lever and clutch lever have been given a silvery finish, and the quarter fairings neatly fit the mean tank. The digital speedometer is same as in Pulsar, but slightly downsized to fit this bikeís size as well as price :) . The clip handle bars is a welcome feature and is definitely more sporty, in fact the best in this segment. The split seats are another noticeable feature, and the split grab rail shows how contemporary a 135 cc bike must look like.

The 4 valve, claimed to be the first for India, Bajaj Pulsar 135 cc engine displaces actually a 134.66cc functioning on a 9.8:1 compression ratio and produces a maximum power of 13.5PS at 9000rpm. 11.4Nm of max torque at 7500 rpm, pulls you swiftly across the road stretch, quicker than you can ride in other bikes of this segment. Revving the engine harder is allowed, as the 4 valve free flow of intake and exhaust. Also, the 135 cc power train, doesnít feel like stressing out, ensuring a free revving ride on all roads. In fact, youngsters will like the grunt from this power mill. In Honda CB Twister, the refined 109cc power mill is mated with 1 down 3 up, 4 speed gear, with only toe shift lever. Honda CB twisterís engine generates 9/8000 PS/rpm of peak power. With respect to maximum torque, CB Twister provides 9/6000 Nm/rpm. Well clearly Pulsar 135 LS with its bigger capacity and free revving characteristics define the fun elements of biking, while the conservative Honda engine means fuel efficiency. Both the bikes can return above 60 kmpl of petrol. And top speeds will touch little short of 100 kmph in Twister, while Pulsar 135 LS might go slightly beyond the 100 kmph mark!

Every time you press start the Honda bike, I always fill with wonder as how refined the engineís beat is. CB Twister continues the same silent yet refined power delivery, that you will never feel in the first throttle twist. After a few kilometres of riding the bike in city traffic, I felt that Honda has a winner in its hands with the CB Twister. The steering is light, thanks to the innovative design, but yet the feedback is certain and predictable. The buttons are easy to use. The gear shifting is a butter cutting operation, ultra smooth, but down shifting does made me hear the "thud ak" sound. While there is no significant pick up, the day to day commuterís needs of moving from A to B will be best satisfied with CB Twister. On the other hand, Pulsar 135 LS seems to be a semi-hooligan bike. The two piece handlebar and the sporty seating position, will inspire some racing desires in its rider. The digital speedometer is a good aesthetic factor. While there has been no problem with the 1 down 4 up pattern, finding neutral is occasionally difficult. With the handling perspective, Pulsar 135 inherits the same impressive braking capabilities of its senior siblings. When both Twister and Pulsar 135 LS were put to braking test, Pulsar 135LS gave an impressive stopping feedback. Also, with youths from the age group of 25 to 35 is the target or the potential buyers, the louder grunt of the Pulsar 135 LS will attract more people than the silent champ Twister. Pulsar, also outshines the Twister in sharp cornering and cutting through traffic, thanks to the smart handle saddle posture, facilitating the rider to use the bikeís length and breadth fully and allow him to handle more freely. While both bikes have raised back seats, Pulsar 135′s shocks seems to respond better than the stiffer Twisterís suspension. Both the bikes come with cut open chain set which means, maintaining the bikes in monsoon seasons will be irksome. With pillion, Pulsar is less put to stress than the CB Twister, thanks to the higher power and free flowing 4 valve technology. Weight distribution is better in Twister, which gives a stress free feedback through the handlebars while riding normally, but lacks that spirit giving control which Pulsar 135 LS provides. At night, both bikes provide ample illumination at the upfront region, while Pulsarís digital instruments are good to look at, while Twisterís regular analog instrument is way better than its siblingís monotonous designs.

Both the bikes are pitched for the same age group people, but completely differ in characteristics. Pulsar 135′s pricing is aggressive, but Honda CB Twisterís high price tag is a big turn down to many customers. Pulsar on one hand makes everyday riding a fun with the free rev engine and pick up and performance in par with entry level 150 cc bike, while the Honda CB Twister is the little fuel economy conscious buyer, who at the same time needs the latest styling incorporated in his bike. As clearly stated, buy Pulsar 135 LS if you want to fill your riding with the sporty characteristics, or buy the Honda CB Twister for the conservative man in you who needs little bit of fashion elements while riding.

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