Hero Honda Splendor + Test Drive and Review

Published: 20th March 2011
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Common man, I am and common bike is Hero Honda splendor plus. The first advertisement on TV for Splendor in 1994, imparted the ultra smooth suspension turning the roads into flower decorated white paths. The reliability and the simply stylish appearance makes Splendor the most common bike found on every nook and corner of India. The first bike which gave a short faring to the headlamp is Splendor. The first bike which gave a dual instrument cluster for Indian bikes ins Splendor. The first bike which enclosed the rear red lights with rear cowl is Splendor. The first bike which gave the velvetty suspension that is still enjoyed by Pillions is Splendor. Splendor + is just the same Splendor with a few extra features. Over 8 million customers are happily riding Splendor + on roads. Whats this Splendor all about? Now lets get into the review!

The new Splendor + gives a very simple appearance, but mildly attractive than its predecessors. The front boxy headlamp has a curvy faring around it and the clear lens turn winkers stick out aptly. The dual instrument cluster has the standard speedometer and the fuel gauge with Neurtal and High beam incorporated into it. The all white background for both the dials, makes more visibility all the time. The turn indicators stick to the sides of the Ignition key slot. The left arm of the commuterish handlebar contains, Hero Honda trademark buttons, horn, low.high beam switch, headlights on/off switch.

The tank which is plain with a rectangle fuel lid that can hold 11 litres, with a reserve 1 litre. The new tank graphics cover more steel skin than the previous generation bikes. The Splendor + 3D logo decorate the battery cover on both sides of the bike. The rear lamp is encapsulated by squarish rear lamp that has a transparent split at the bottom to illumine the number plate. The winkers are clear lensed and stick out prominently. The rear cowl’s down part is made of plastic. The chain set is fully covered by metallic dark grey case and so is the engine. The toe-heel gear shifter is retained as such from the Splendors. The exhaust gets a new heat shield in black. The usage of thin tyres and lots of fibres instead of steel, reduces the weight of Splendor + facilitating more mileage. While the Hero Honda Splendor NXG comes with the self start, Splendor + still comes with kick start only. But, impressive silver 5 spokes alloy gives a contemporary look to more than a decade old 100cc commuter bike.

Hero Honda splendor plus, is powered by the same 97.2 cc engine with 7.4/8000 bhp/rpm and a maximum torque of 7.95/5000 Nm/rpm. The horizontally positioned technology is proven for better mileage figures. On an average the rider would get 70 km/l. Also, the well-proven engine tolerates many of the day to day hurdles like slow moving traffics where the rider frequently shifts from 1, 2, 3 gears and at times during highways, where he can simply glide consistently at 40 kmph. The same Hero Honda engine is used in Passion Plus and CD Dawn, CD Deluxe bikes.

Hoping on the bike and kick starting the engine, what I felt was the ultra light handling grip of Splendor + on the road. With almost less than a ton weight, I am very impressed for this commuter vehicle, doing the right pull in smaller streets and quick turns. The extensive use of plastics sometimes is a disadvantage too because, once a pillion joins you at the back, you have to strain your shoulders to steer controlably under traffic, or else you might face a mishap. But that is not the case with well experience Indian 2 wheeler riders, because they rely more on themselves and not the bike, most of the time. I have seen middle aged married men carrying their whole family on Splendors, and keep in pace with traffic without any fear. Thanks to the flat commuter seat, that looks like a bench on a share auto, fitting easily between your legs. Shifting gears and clutching are trouble free parts in your regular riding. In fact, there is no significant change in the performance of the engine, the slightly higher pick up is due to efficient power weight ratio, that the new Splendor + provides.

Straight line stability is good as long as you go below 60, about above the ultra light chassis will cause trouble. Cornering can be done, nothing more can you expect from an entry level bike. Instead of looking at the style areas, this segment buyer will focus on his attention only on the necessary facilities for driving and nothing else, which Splendor Plus, happily gives. At night, the headlamp and instruments does an average job, but more better than the previous versions of Splendor, thanks to the more clear lens deployed in the headlamp. My only concern is the bike’s rear tyre, which needs a more thicker one, for more road grip. As of now, it seems so thin. Passion Plus gains advantage here, due to the introduction of wider tyres recently.

Not all can afford luxury and not all expects it for a daily Point A to Point B commuting. Hero Honda Splendor + squeezes itself both into your pocket, in terms of price and also into your house garage in terms of its small size. Indians are always biased by the old traditions and customs. Its because of the success of HeroHonda CD 100 that Hero Honda CD100SS and Hero Honda Splendor, and Hero Hond Passion came into picture. Now the success stories continue for Splendor + too. Hero Honda also launched a 10th anniversary Splendor + special edition, with attractive graphics. Splendor Plus brand image is a big plus for its futuristic sales. If you are Hero Honda fan, who simply needs a simple 100 cc bike, with spiced up looks and a budget below 45k, go for Splendor +.

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