Bajaj Avenger 180cc 5 speed Test Drive & Review

Published: 20th March 2011
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High way cruisers are not the usual 2 wheeler on a Indian road, hardly one could see it. But it mostly sits in a guyís house for a weekend trip or a 5 day trekking tour. Man seeks rich experience out of highway travels, as troops, sometimes alone, heading for a particular resort to relax himself and forget all his life problems, and enjoying his ride throughout. Bajaj's Avenger, the first cruiser developed by an Indian company (aka KBajaj Eliminator) is the only non-bullet cruiser available on Indian soil today. Powered by Pulsar 180's proven engine, Avenger has some head turning looks and fits the cruiser definitions comfortably. Explore more of Avenger with me here.

Bajajís tie up with Kawasaki is well known and Avenger is one such product that fuses both Kawasakiís strong chassis and Bajajís proven engine. The longest wheelbase ever in India is the 1,475 mm found in Avenger. Avenger, a low slung cruiser with a classic tank-set indicators (neutral, high beam and turn on) and an optional stylish windshield gives a stunning visual treat. The classic cruiser styling, incorporated much form Kawasakiís 185-86 Eliminator, excites with great detailing like low saddle height, broad rider seat, forward foot riding posture, what the advertisement tells as Aircraft launch and a special high mounted backrest for the pillion, that can also be used to tie the luggage for support. The circular headlamp illumines further upfront on the road, the large indicators are very much visible on highways. The wide handlbar gives a very much comfortable highway riding position, with the curvy broad seat giving fantastic lower back support for the rider. The handlebar weights are chrome, adding to bikerís pride. The speedometer is tilted exactly facing the riderís face, showing tripmeter along with the odometer within it. The swing arms have finely furbrished switches for easy use.

The flat tank holds swallows 14 litres of petrol, but without a fuel guage you need to depend on your gues works to know when youíll face an empty tank. The 162mm ground clearance at times might hit hard roads at the bottom and monsoon seasons with flooded roads might be hectic for riding this cruiser. Bajaj Avenger is equipped with Triple rate Spring, 5-way adjustable, Hydraulic Shock Absorbers comforting all the time. The 17 inch front tyres and car size 15 inch rear tyre has the broader width for the needed grip to suit a cruiser. The rear cowl is long, projecting away from the rear pillion back support ending in an elliptical red lamp with chrome enclosed orange winkers. Avenger is equipped with 262mm front disc brake and 130mm drum brake at the rear.

Bajaj Avenger although shares its engine with Pulsar, it is slightly tweaked to adapt the cruiser characteristics. Avengerís heart is actually a 178.60 cc engine producing a maximum power of 16.5/8000 bhp/rpm and a maxiumum torque of 15.22/6000 Nm/rpm, which is actually higher than Pulsar 180 peak torque. Engine and gear box is actually not a perfect match,evident from the longer throws and false neutrals, but hides it perfectly due to the delightful performance. With a top whack of 114 kmph and a mileage of 48 kmpl, Avengerís engine defines the classic cruiser character correctly.

I feel like god truely, when i hop on the bike everytime, thanks to the Emperorís throne like seating posture for the rider in Bajaj Avenger. Actually, you can never experience this ultra low saddle, facilitating ultra low CG, giving the maximum comfort for a 2 wheeler rider, similar to the one in car seats. The wide handlebar actually destresses my tiresome hand typing and browsing all the time at office. Clutch actions and shifting gears are average, but never spoil the riding fun. Achieving neutral from first gear needs some practice, I suppose. The bikeís low range pull is the strongest bit. I liked the way, bike planted on road everytime I applied brakes. Also, at slow moving city traffic, the bikeís low saddle is a boon to my thighs and legs, for its very easy to manuver for the centre of gravity of the bike plays a significant role facilitating stability to the rider. Coming to the highway ride, travelling is a breeze on Avenger, I should say, at all times cruising this bike both in overtaking trucks cars and others at the same time when travelling alone on a deserted road. Handlebars are particularly designed to give rock solid feel even when cruising at 3 digit speeds. I felt no neck or back pain even after riding for hours together, thanks to the advantage gained by the bikeís cruiser frame. Although the revvy engine tempted me to go past 110kmph, the engine gushed out beyond that. Happy to say that engineís grunt is least heard even at that high speed, with the intelligent silencer reducing it to a minimum. Cornering, is the best among all the bikes in India. The broader rear tyre plays a vital role here, nevertheless the massive wheelbase, allowing me to tilt as i wish, never making me reduce the speed while negotiating a corner.

The bikeís engine must be taken care well to avoid it getting heated up when you cruise continuously at high speeds. I felt no drawback so far in riding comfort so far, even with the pillion at the back. Thanks to the wider wheelbase pushing the pillion back and comforting him with the specially designed high-mounted pillion support at the back. Night riding is safe with Avenger, for the headlamp throws more light upfront. Overall, I would term Avengerís riding to be an all exciting relaxed cruiser treat.

Bajaj,a strong leader in mileage champion bikes, finds its success also in performance bikes like Pulsar 200, 220 and also with this cruiser Bajaj Avenger Mileage. While, Bullets are for big daddys, Avenger is for you and me who wants not to burn our pocket much with fuel expenses but at the same time, not wanting to miss the weekend as well as long trips, planned by our friends. With pretty fine built quality, ease of use and price fitting your pocket, plan for long trips through beautiful highways, cruise in Avenger and feel like God.

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